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Our Ekokapital Account allows you to trade share/equities, bonds and other financial products listed in IDX Applying for a Ekokapital Account is simple and straightforward.

It will take you 10 – 15 minutes to complete the application form. Select the type of account you would like to open (individual, corporate). Click here for registration online or you can download form registration below this page.


Follow the simple steps and send us your applicationn please also review the Requred Documents Checklist and additional features you may want to add to your account.


Step 1 – Complete Ekokapital Individual Account Application Form

Complete the following forms:

  • Ekokapital Individual Account Application Form
  • Power of Attorney to Open KSEI Sub Act/ Surat Kuasa Pembukaan Sub-Rekening Efek KSEI
  • Power of Attorney to Ekokapital/Surat Kuasa Kepada Ekokapital
  • Specimen Signature/Spesimen Tanda Tangan

Step 2 – Prepare Requred Supporting Documents

Submit copies of following document along with your account application forms :

  • A clear photocopy of the personal information section (with photo) and signature page of a current ID/passport/KITAS for each applicant.
  • One bank (or financial institution) statement dated within the last six month for full details, please see the reuired Documents Checlist

Step 3 – A Minimum of IDR 20,000,000 is required to open RDN (Rekening Dana Investor). Then, you can fund your new Ekokapital Account by chossing one of following payment bank.

By Wire transfer to your own RDN account at :

  • Bank Mandiri IDX Branch Jakarta
  • Bank BCA IDX Branch – Jakarta

Step 4 – Mail your completed application and supporting document to us :

PT Ekokapital Sekuritas
Graha FamilyMart, Lt. 6
Jl. Setiabudi Selatan Kav. 10,
Jakarta – 12920
Attn: Opening Account


Additional Forms:

    • Power of Attorney to 3rd parties/Surat Kuasa Pihak Ketiga
    • Statement Letter for Non NPWP holder/Surat Pernyataan Tidak Memiliki NPWP
    • Share transfer (in/out) / Surat Pemindahan Saham (Masuk/Keluar)
    • Fund withdraw instruction/Surat Instruksi Penarikan Dana
    • Change of information form/Form Perubahan/Penambahan Data

We are here to help

Our multilingual service term is here to help you with your account opening questions.
Please call us at +62-21-57904588, also you can reach us via email


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